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  • Rav'n Party Light
  • Rav'n Party Light

Rav'n Party Light

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Rav'n Party Light
Rav'n Party Light - brilliant traces of color

Like to Play? Dancing or playing, you will love the Rav'n Rave LED Party Light. The rhythmic beauty of dance is celebrated by every culture in the world and is the inspiration for the Rav'n. Since the beginning of history, exciting accessories for the dancer have been invented. The Rav'n's flashing LED lights are the synthesis of the new millennium technologies for the spirit of dance and fun. Ever-changing banners of brilliant red, green, and blue light are intensified by the Rav'n Crystals. Lithium batteries are included in every package, along with 3 attachable Rav'n Crystals (additional crystals available here).

RAVN's Light

The light draws me in
As I begin to play
Lost in the rhythmic colors
The crowd fades away

Drawn into a trance
With colors flashing bright
The music moves me smoothly
I could dance all night

Transported away
A smile on my face
Becoming one with the beat
Watching my lights trace

Away from the world
At least for tonight
I will dance in harmony

With my Rav'n light

                              --by Leo


    "I just want to say, these new Rav'n lights are hella cool! I just got them today and tried them out. Wow, the lights are so intense! I can't wait for the next rave so I can dance with them. These are definitely gonna be super popular. Get ready for the flood of orders! Best wishes," -Mike, Los Angeles, CA

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Rav'n Party Light rave LED flashlight features:

Easy-to-use squeeze button switch:
press to turn on / press again to turn off.

Available in two different versions of flashing LED lights: The "Strobe" (Rav'n LED rave / party light: strobe version) version produces more of a strobing effect with each flash of color separated by a brief pause. The "Ribbon" (Rav'n LED rave / party light: ribbon version) version provides a seamless transition from one color to the next. See the picture above for examples of both types of Rav'n.

The Tricolor LED light bulb is nearly indestructible and will never burn out!

Electric-blue colored case.

Includes 3 attachable Rav'n Crystals.

Quick, easy battery changes.

Energizer CR2016 Lithium batteries included.


Rave LED Party Light, contains flashing led lights for rave dancing.

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