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Insteon SwitchLinc 2477DWH 600W 2-Wire (no neutral) Dimmer Switch

  • Insteon 2477DWH SwitchLinc 600W 2-Wire (no neutral) Dimmer Switch

This high-tech yet easy to use dimmer takes your home into the future by giving you the ability to set the speed at which the light fades On and Off, a preset on-level for always remembering your favorite brightness level and best of all being able to remotely control the dimmer from a handheld remote, wall keypad, computer or mobile phone (Insteon-compatible controllers are sold separately). With high-end quality, at-a-glance LED status and remote controllability, you'll see how easy it is to create your own home of the future. Similar to the best selling SwitchLinc Dimmer, the 2477DH 2-wire dimmer communicates using radio frequency (RF) only, so does not require a neutral wire in the box making it ideal for locations where a neutral is unavailable.

The SwitchLinc 2477DH installs like a traditional wall switch and does not require a neutral wire. Once installed, setup is quick and easy using a simple Plug-n-Tap programming.


  • Similar to the standard SwitchLinc Dimmer (#2477D), but requires only 2 wire connections (no neutral) and communicates via RF only.
  • Control this dimmer remotely from anywhere
  • Programmable on-level and fade on/off speed
  • Features RF INSTEON technology for fast and reliable performance
  • Doubles as an Access Point


Available in white. (paddle & faceplate are interchangeable for use with paddle color change kits, sold separately).


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