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Part 2: The Right Tool for the Job




inset-squirtsm.jpgThere’s always something to tighten, cut, scrape or open whenever we go camping. Even if it’s just bottles, marshmallows and branches. The Leatherman line of products is a must for any camper; a toolbox on your hip is unquestionably the number four item I pack (after my tent, sleeping bag and flashlight).
Honestly, I don’t need a camping trip to have an excuse to use my Leatherman. I rock the Leatherman Squirt PS4 on my keychain at all times. It’s lightweight body packs quite a punch. Scissors and pliers mean I can cut and tighten and pull to my heart’s content.

"The lightweight Squirt mini-tool that comes in handy for everything from snipping fishing line to wrapping a birthday present on the go. When it comes to convenience, it's tough to top Leatherman's Squirt PS4. Spring-action needle-nose pliers provide a secure grip whenever needed. Other features: tweezers, knife, screwdrivers, scissors and more are all available without opening the tool. At a mere 2.25 inches, the colorful Squirt PS4 does a great job of staying out of the way until you need it."

I barely notice it banging around on my keys.

Handy tip… the quick release clips we sell are a must-have addition to any of the leatherman that have foldout lanyard rings. They make it so that you can take your Leatherman from a keychain to a free-standing tool with a flip of your finger. The dollar or so you add to the price of the Leatherman is completely worth it. (The clips come in black and silver so you can still be stylish whichever color you choose).


inset-skeletool.jpgThen there's the oh-so-stylish Leatherman Skeletool CX, The Skeletool CX features carbon fiber accents and a super-tough 154CM steel blade.

"Leatherman's sleek Skeletool CX gets you back to basics... very cool basics. The Skeletool CX has only the most necessary of multi-tool features, because sometimes that's all you need. With a 154CM stainless steel blade, pliers, bit driver, pocket clip and carabineer/bottle opener, you're set."

Really, size sometimes does matter, and the skeletool is just bigger than the Squirt. You can get a better grip on the skeletool and a bit more leverage and cutting power than the with the little Squirt.






inset-c33bx-jpg.jpgWhen all you need is a good, quality knife, and don't need a full-blown multi-tool, the Leatherman Crater c33B (or the c33Bx for those who prefer a serated blade) is pretty close to perfection. It is essentially a standard folding knife that has a screwdriver and a bottle opener incorporated, And of course, without all the pliers, files, saws and other tools found in a typical multi-tool, it manages to be very light-weight.

Oh, and it is not restricted to just a normal flat/philips screwdriver either. Leatherman's unique bit driver technology means you can switch out your screwdriver bits as often as you need, or you can use any of the additional bits found in Leatherman's 21-piece bit kit. Now that's cool.




inset-juice.jpgLast but not least, certainly not least (my new favorite toy… erg I mean tool) the Leatherman Juice XE6.

"Leatherman's beefiest in the Juice line, it's still great for small hands and spaces, and is one of three to feature a corkscrew. So saw away some branches to set up the perfect picnic spot, tighten up those picnic chair bolts, bring out the vino and slice up some cheese and crackers. The Juice XE6, is there anything it can't do?"

Sure it is kind of heavy, but to be honest if you are using the corkscrew you probably are not doing a ton of hiking, right? The Juice XE6 has just about every tool you might need, yet still manages to be fairly compact and "pocketable". 

You just can’t go wrong with a Leatherman tool; a multi-tool of some sort is a simple must-have for any camper. We've recently expanded our selection of Leatherman tools and now stock the full product line of knives and multi-tools, so we definately have a Leatherman for any type of camper. From the vino and marshmallow set to the hardcore backpackers, Leatherman is the tool for everybody.


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