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Part 3: Keeping it all Charged



inset-solio.jpgYes, camping is about being away from it all. That being said, my Nook and iPod need to stay charged, so I can relax to some tunes and read my favorite new book.

The Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger is the best (in my opinion) of all the solar chargers. You can pre-charge it before you go so you have at least one full smartphone charge during your trip, or two charges for your ipod.

Bonus: Since it can charge just about any USB device, I like to pair it with Eneloop's USB-powered travel charger in case I need to charge any of the AA batteries in my Proton PRO or Gorillatorch Switchback.

Charge time to full capacity is approximately 7-9 hrs via Sun or USB (actual solar charge time will vary depending on conditions), or 4.5 hrs via an optional wall charger kit.

That and lets be honest, it just looks cool. **As of July 2012, the Solio Classic is now out-of-stock and will remain unavailable for several months as Solio is currently in the middle of a "product refresh" and the updated model is not scheduled for release until September.  In the meantime, please consider the Solio Mono, or keep an eye out for the all-new Solio Bolt which will be launching in August.**



inset-rex.jpgLRI has recently released a solar/usb charger bundle for their Photon ReX rechargeable micro-light, which means the ReX now has endless power & versatility.

This accessory kit includes both a solar & USB charger, as well as a unique head strap accessory allowing you to use your ReX as a powerful headlamp.

When “books” need charging, camping officially needs power outlets. But when you are going off the grid that isn’t always an option. With the new accessibility and affordability of solar chargers, powering up your toys while camping is simple and fun.

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