Photon ReX Solar/USB Charger Accessory Kit

Photon ReX Solar/USB Charger Accessory Kit

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Endless power & versatility for your Photon ReX! This brand new accessory kit for the Photon ReX Li-Ion rechargeable micro-light includes both a solar & USB charger, as well as a unique head strap accessory allowing you to use your ReX as a powerful headlamp or to create your own unique mount for your Photon ReX.

Photon ReX Solar Charger

Solar Charger:

Clip to a backpack, hat, car visor, etc. and charge your ReX from free, clean sunlight! No sun? The ReX solar charger can charge from artificial light too. Just clip it to a lamp for convenient charging when the sun is away. Charge time will vary depending on the amount of sunlight, cloud cover, etc.

USB Charger:

Top off with a quick charge anytime, from your computer's USB port using the ReX USB charger.  Average charge time is about one hour.

Head Strap:

Turn your ReX into a powerful headlamp. The ReX head strap features a detachable, rotating mount allowing you to point your ReX in any direction or to quickly remove it from the head strap for handheld use.  The entire mount assembly may be removed from the strap if you wish to mount it to something else. The possibilities are endless!

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