PowerEx PreCharged C Batteries (2-Pack) - 5000mAh, Ultra Low Self-Discharge

PowerEx PreCharged C Batteries (2-Pack) - 5000mAh, Ultra Low Self-Discharge

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Retains up to 85% of charge after one year in storage - Never find your rechargeable C batteries low on charge when you need to use them!

PowerEx's new "PowerEx PreCharged"  (formerly "Imedion") line of NiMH rechargeable C batteries feature a unique extremely low discharge design. Unlike ordinary NiMH rechargeables, which will lose a significant amount of their charge within just weeks, the unique chemistry of the PowerEx PreCharged batteries allows them to retain up to 85% of their charge after a whole year of storage. Powerex rechargeble C batteries are a favorite among professionals, with the highest rated "True Capacity" in the marketplace. These new PowerEx PreCharged batteries are no exception and with their 5000mAh "True Capacity" rating, will outperform comparably rated batteries. With their unique low self-discharge design, PowerEx PreCharged batteries will actually provide longer battery life than regular NiMH rechargeable batteries of a much higher capacity rating in any device that is used intermittently over a period of time. Made in China.

  • Unique new chemistry allows PowerEx PreCharged rechargeable C batteries to be stored for extended period of time without substantial loss of power.
  • Ultra low self-discharge design is ideal for devices which may be expected to go more than several months between charges.
  • PowerEx PreCharged rechargeable C batteries retain up to 85% of charge after one year of storage. No more finding your batteries low on charge when you want to use them. "Ready When You Are!"
  • Rechargeable up to 1000 times.  PowerEx PreCharged rechargeable C batteries can be recharged in any standard NiMH C-size battery charger, such as the PowerEx MH-C808M.
  • PowerEx PreCharged C-size rechargeable batteries come pre-charged and ready to use out-of-package. 
  • Suitable for high drain devices.
  • Rated capacity: 5000mAh


Part Number: MHRCP2
Packaging: 2pcs
Battery Size: C
Voltage: 1.2V
Dimensions: 25.5mm (Diameter) x 50.0mm (Height)

Two C-size 5000mAh PowerEx PreCharged NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

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