Photon Micro-Light II PRO LED Keychain Flashlight

Photon Micro-Light II PRO LED Keychain Flashlight

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Simple Elegance. Introducing the all-new Photon Micro-Light II PRO; combining the simplicity of LRI's Photon Micro-Light II with the improved body design of the Freedom Micro. The Photon II PRO features the same waterproof body and quick, easy battery replacement of the full-featured Photon Freedom Micro, but with the simplicity of the Photon Micro-Light II's basic on/off functionality. No adjustable brightness, no strobe functions, just brilliant, bright light whenever and wherever you need it. 

Covert version available. The covert model features an extended housing around the LED to eliminate glare and allow for more discreet use. Perfect for everything from military special-ops to reading a program in a darkened theater without disturbing your neighbors.  

  • Simple squeeze-button on/off-- Easy operation even with gloves.
    • Squeeze to turn on, squeeze again to turn off
  • Brightest LEDs available -- Plenty of light to illuminate any path, or to light up an entire room indoors. White LED rated at 4.5+ Lumens*, actual output is somewhat higher.
  • Waterproof -- Waterporoof to IPX-7 standards.
  • 18+ Hour Run Time -- Energizer lithium batteries provide long lasting service even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Replaceable Batteries -- Quick, easy battery replacement.
  • Weighs only 7 grams -- Micro size & weight to travel with you everywhere you go.
  • Ultra-Tough -- Built to survive serious use! The combination of Photon's unique glass-filled polyurethane body & unbreakable LED bulb make for a virtually indestructible light. 24k gold-plating on all battery & switch contacts ensures rock-solid reliability.
  • Quick Release Ring -- Reliably attaches to gear for quick release, custom black anodized.
  • Accessories Available (sold separately) -- Photon Micro-Light II Pro is compatible with: 
  • Made in USA -- from US & foreign parts.
  • Photon Lifetime Guarantee

 *LRI does not publish ANSI testing figures for lumen output, however in our fairly unscientific testing in a dark room, the output is comparable to competitor's lights advertised in the 10-14 lumen range.

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DEMO MODE: The Photon Micro-Light II Pro is shipped in a "demo" mode which will turn the light off automatically after 12 seconds (to protect from being turned on & left on while sitting on a store shelf). For first-time use, press and hold the button for approximately 20 seconds (until the light turns off) to disable this demo mode.
LRI, the leaders in micro light & LED flashlight technology, L.R.I.

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