Photon X-Light Micro Keychain LED Flashlight

Photon X-Light Micro LED Keychain Flashlight

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One of Photon's best-kept secrets when it comes to value! LRI's X-Light Micro features squeeze on/off, plus full-range adjustable brightness in an economical package. This rugged, compact, LED flashlight includes the same Freedom(R) "Smart Circuit" technology found in the high-end Photon Freedom Micro series of keychain lights. Every family member is sure to want one!

  • Simple & Intuitive Single-Button Operation -- Easy operation even with gloves.
    • Electronic, instant full power on/off at any time. 
    • Full range brightness control.
    • 4 Safety beacons: Slow - Medium - Fast - SOS.
    • Signal / Morse Code mode.
  • Brightest LEDs available -- Plenty of light to illuminate any path, or to light up an entire room indoors. White LED conservatively rated at 4.5+ Lumens*, although actual output is somewhat higher.
  • 18+ Hour Run Time -- Energizer CR2016 Lithium batteries provide long lasting service even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Replaceable Batteries -- Quick, easy battery replacement.
  • Button Glows in the Dark
  • Quick release keyring -- Photon quick release keyring attaches to gear or keychain for easy access.
  • Tough polycarbonate body
  • Accessories Available (sold separately) -- Photon X-Light Micro is compatible with: 
  • Made in USA -- Hand-built in Blachly, Oregon. Made from US & foreign parts.
  • Guaranteed -- Photon Lifetime Guarantee

 *LRI does not publish ANSI testing figures for lumen output, however in our fairly unscientific testing in a dark room, the output is comparable to competitor's lights advertised in the 10-14 lumen range.


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x-light micro personal led safety light

X-Light Micro gives you the light you need. Ready for everyday use and any emergency -
Because you ALWAYS have it with you! Be prepared when "Life Moves."

DEMO MODE: The X-Light Micro is shipped in a "demo" mode which will turn the light off automatically after several seconds (to protect from being turned on & left on while sitting on a store shelf). For first-time use, press and hold the button for approximately 20 seconds (until the light turns off) to disable this demo mode.

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