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IR / Infrared LED keychain flashlights & Illuminators


World's smallest, brightest Infrared Keychain Flashlights & IR Illuminators! Used by members of the Secret Service, these special-purpose Photon lights produce a powerful infrared beam invisible to the naked eye. Ideal for use with infrared night vision equipment and IR-sensitive video cameras. With a power output rated at 11 mW and a strong focused beam, this tiny key-chain sized light is more powerful than all but the brightest IR illuminators. When used in conjunction with night vision equipment, it will illuminate a large area. These IR Photon lights are excellent for use with night vision scopes & goggles, or with other equipment sensitive to infrared light, such as Sony's NightShot line of video & digital cameras. Many video surveillance cameras are also sensitive to infrared light. The increased infrared illumination provided by your infrared Photon light will allow you to clearly see objects at a greater distance than when using your equipment's built-in infrared illuminator. Of course, not all night vision equipment is created equal, so your results may vary. Infrared Photon lights work well with nearly all night vision goggles, monoculars, and scopes, however we have had mixed results with some lower end digital cameras and video cameras which are sensitive only to a very narrow range of the IR spectrum. Generally, the more sensitive your equipment is to infrared light (particularly near the 890nm range), the better your results will be. Of course, all of our products are covered by our hassle-free 30-day return policy. If for some reason, you find that your equipment is not compatible simply return your purchase for a full refund.

Because the light produced by these Infrared flashlights is not visible to the naked eye, it can be easy to accidentally leave the switch on and run down the battery. For this reason, we offer a squeeze-only IR Photon I in addition to the IR Photon II and infrared Photon Freedom Micro, which both feature an on/off switch for continuous use. The Freedom Micro adds full-range adjustable brightness & strobe functions for infrared signaling and IR marking purposes.


  • Photon Micro-Light I (Infrared - $12.95)
    • 890nm infrared output
    • easy-to-use squeeze button - squeeze to turn on, release to turn off.
    • Water-resistant body.
    • Quick, easy battery replacement.
  • Photon Micro-Light II (Infrared - $16.95)
    • 890nm infrared output
    • Dual function - on/off switch plus momentary squeeze button.
    • Replaceable batteries.
  • Photon Freedom Micro (Infrared $20.95 / Covert Version - $22.95)
    • 890nm infrared output
    • Intuitive single-button operation provides electronic on/off, full-range adjustable brightness & strobe functions.
    • Water-resistant body
    • Quick, easy battery replacement
    • Available "Covert" version features an extended housing to shield which reduces glare and effectively eliminates all peripheral light.

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