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ultraviolet and uv blacklight Photon led flashlights


UV Fluorescence checking with the world's smallest, brightest UV LED Flashlights. Pure UV & Purple "blacklight" Photon Lights for viewing fluorescent hand-stamps, curing UV-sensitive glue, counterfeit detection & more.

"Seriously the best UV lamp I have bought - amazing difference in fluorescence compared to the other ones of the market. A bit expensive, but clearly gives you what the others cannot." - Anonymous customer review via BizRate

These special-purpose UV Photon lights produce a powerful beam of ultraviolet light, which will activate fluorescent ink, strips, & fibers that are used as anti-counterfeiting measures in bank notes, credit cards, casino chips, passports, checks, securities, cryptographic papers, etc. These key-chain sized UV lights are also great for checking fluorescent hand stamps at clubs, curing UV-sensitive glue and many other uses.  The UV LED beam has a fairly narrow focus and unlike a traditional blacklight, most of the light produced by these UV LEDs is just outside the visible spectrum of light (370 nm). In full darkness it will cause objects to fluoresce at distances of 20 feet or more. In bright daylight the effectiveness is greatly reduced, but is still usable at about 6-12 inches.

For customers looking for a lower cost alternative, our purple Photon lights work very well for fluorescence checking as well. The purple lights are closer to what you might expect from a traditional blacklight (405nm), with a deep purple color in addition to the invisible UV light. For some uses, such as checking counterfeit money, we still recomend the pure UV Photons as the visible purple light from the Purple / Blacklight Photons can make it difficult to see the fluorescent strip in American currency. For other uses however, such as hunters following blood trails (blood tracking sprays are available which will cause fresh blood to fluoresce under UV light), the Purple Photon lights may work better than the pure UV version as they have a lightly wider beam.

powerful UV Ultraviolet LED Proton Pro flashlightNEW UV Proton Pro now available! We are now offering a custom UV version of Photon's popular Proton Pro single-AA handheld LED flashlight.  This new UV light takes advantage of the Proton Pro's dual beam-color feature to provide an incredibly powerful UV beam for easy fluorescence checking in broad daylight, plus a smaller secondary white beam for general-purpose use. - $99.95 ea.



CAUTION: Intense UV light can cause eye damage if viewed directly. Keep away from children.

  • Photon Micro-Light I (UV only - $17.95) 
    • easy-to-use squeeze button - squeeze to turn on, release to turn off.
    • Water-resistant body.
    • Quick, easy battery replacement.
  • Photon Micro-Light II (Purple only - $11.95)  
    • Dual function - on/off switch plus momentary squeeze button.
    • Replaceable batteries.
  • Photon Freedom Micro (Purple $15.95 / UV - $25.95)
    • Intuitive single-button operation provides electronic on/off, full-range adjustable brightness & strobe functions.
    • Water-resistant body
    • Quick, easy battery replacement
  • powerful UV Ultraviolet LED Proton Pro flashlightNew! Photon Proton Pro (Dual Beam-Color: UV & White - $99.95)
    • Our most powerful UV light!
    • Dual beam colors - Primary: UV beam, 120mW rated UV output
                                  Secondary: White beam, approx. 3 lumen output
    • Intuitive single-button operation provides electronic on/off, full-range adjustable brightness & strobe functions for both beam colors.
    • Waterproof body
    • Easy battery replacement - takes any AA size battery (Lithium or NiMH rechargeable recommended)

All UV Photon Micro-Lights feature an extended "covert" housing to shield eyes from direct viewing of the UV bulb.

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