Aeotec ZWA023 Smart Switch 7 (Z-Wave Plus)

Aeotec ZWA023 Smart Switch 7 (Z-Wave Plus)

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HA Plug-In Modules & Outlets
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Plug it, Automate it, Control it. 

And understand how much electricity you are spending. Smart Switch 7 - Aeotec’s smallest smart plug ever is also everyone’s safest.

Intelligence is in control

Turn appliances on when needed and off when not. On a schedule, or intelligently automated and triggered when needed. Smart Switch 7 is the smart plug that is the essential part of a smart home or smart office. Compatible with the broadest range of Z-Wave software, including AutoPilot and SmartThings Smart Home Hub, Smart Switch 7 can be intelligently automated, scheduled, and time-use-limited from dozens of certified and compatible gateway systems and apps.


You’re in control

It’s smart because it can be automated. And it’s also smart because it's convenient: while software and schedules can control Smart Switch 7, you're always the one in control. Intelligent automation is perfection, but there are still times when you want to control a smart plug manually. From the discrete on/off buttons, a compatible app or a Z-Wave remote control, Smart Switch 7’s multiple control interfaces mean that you will always have on-demand control of whatever you plug in to it.


Spending is in control

With 99% accuracy, Smart Switch 7 will record and report the electricity consumption which passes through it helping you save what you spend. With its utter accuracy, Smart Switch 7 can tell you exactly how much electricity the appliance plugged into is using. It’s kWh and watts reports can be used in compatible Z-Wave systems to report how much money plugged-in appliances are spending.

Quality is in control

European design, German engineering, and European certification-houses make Smart Switch 7 the smallest, safest smart plug. Smart Switch 7 has been third-party tested and certified by British certification-house Intertek. Small without compromise, Smart Switch 7 is a marvel of engineering know-how. Aeotec’s nearly 15-year experience of making wireless plugs has allowed them to make Smart Switch 7 the smallest Z-Wave plugs to benefit from quality-leading German engineering and European safety certification from Intertek and SGS.


Upgraded for perfect control


  • Gen7 inside - Automated switch. Advanced switch. The type B edition of Smart Switch 7 has been exclusively engineered with a combination of Aeotec’s Gen7 technology stack and 700 series Z-Wave.
  • Near-instant setup - Connecting Smart Switch 7 to a smart hub takes only seconds. With SmartStart built in, compatible gateways can wirelessly connect just by scanning the plug’s QR code.
  • Securely upgraded - No Z-Wave smart plug has been safer or more secure. Smart Switch 7 uses 3 different layers of security, including Z-Wave S2, to render man-in-the-middle and brute-force hacking attempts virtually impossible.
  • Amazingly smaller - Small without compromising on safety, the EU edition of Smart Switch 7 is 63% smaller than its Smart Switch Gen5 predecessor while the US edition of Smart Switch 7 is approximately 30% smaller than its Smart Switch 6 predecessor.
  • Protects appliances - It automates your appliances and protects them. Your expensive electronics are safe with Smart Switch 7 thanks to its inbuilt surge protector. Engineered to EU (CE) and US (ETL/CSA) standards, it protects from voltage spikes up to 2,000 Volts that occur during surges, blackouts, and short circuits through ground. That protection is two-fold thanks to Smart Switch 7's over-current protector.
  • Protects the home - Turn your electronics off in the event of an emergency or a hazard. Smart Switch 7 lets you automatically turn off appliances, such as leaking air conditioners and fridges, when they fail or in the event of an emergency.
  • Powerful switch - Tiny in size, uncompromising on safety, but still perfectly powered. Appliances up to 10A (EU: 220-240VAC) or 15A (US: 110/120VAC) of power can be plugged into Smart Switch 7.
  • Block free - Plugs that block multiple power outlets aren’t just inconvenient, they’re annoying. Smart Switch 7 has been crafted to be only slightly larger than a standard power plug.

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