Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawnmower

Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawnmower (0-3/4 Acre)


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When it comes to large-scale lawns of 0-3/4 Acre, the Robomow RS630 is the perfect model for your Lawn. Boasting top-of-the-range superior features and specifications, this mean, heavy duty machine is fully equipped with everything required to create and maintain a flawless lawn. Going the extra mile in convenience.

With its ultra-robust design and heavy-duty motors, the Robomow RS630's large steel blades will have your lawn trimmed, clipped and looking pristine in a snip. The counter-balanced fully floating deck allows the RS to follow the contours of your lawn to evenly cut and keep your lawn looking pristine, a feature usually only seen on premium Riding Mowers. The RS630 comes with Bluetooth connectivity built in which allows you to manage your Robomow even easier from the Robomow app. Operate and communicate with your Robomow through your mobile phone or tablet. How Does a Robomow® Lawnmower Work?

1. Peg the included wire around the edge of the lawn
2. Perform a one-time, simple set-up, which can be easily done by anyone.
3. Robomow will independently leave the docking station, mow the lawn, and return to the docking station. It will then recharge and will be ready for the next mowing session.
4. It mows. You don't!

Maximum Lawn Size: 3/4 Acre
Mowing Width: 22 inches
Mowing Height: 0.78-3.14 inches
Number of Zones: 4
Battery: 26V 6.0 AH Lithium (LiFePO4)
Charging Time: 120 min
Avg. Work Time: 50-70 min

Robomow 630 Features:

  • Rain SensorAllows the user to choose whether or not Robomow will operate when sensing rain or High humidity.
  • Child LockThis is a safety feature to help prevent children or others not familiar with the safe operation of Robomow from operating it freely.
  • Multiple ZonesRobomow can handle Lawns with several zones and mow each one individually.
  • SlopesRobomow can mow areas imside the working area with slopes of up to 35 percent.
  • Unique Edge ModeRobomow is the only robotic mower with blades that reach to the very borders of its base. It is also the only one that has a special Edge mode, in which it follows the perimeter wire for complete coverage of the lawn edges
  • Anti TheftLock your Robomow with a PIN code, to prevent others from operating it.
  • Height AdjustmentRobomow's cutting height can be adjusted to your lawn's needs
  • Safety FeaturesRobomow blade stops rotating immedialtey if it is lifted from the ground or tilted to a vertical position. When the bumper senses an obstacle, blades stop and Robomow changes its driving direction. To prevent children from operating Robomow, activate the Child Lock.
  • Heavy Duty BladesWith the strongest steel blade and the widest cutting surface, Robomow can easily manage the first cut of the season.
  • Modular DesignRobomow is built in a way that allows you easy servicing and part replacement without professional help.
  • Mobile ApplicationOperate and communicate with your Robomow through your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Remote Access (*add-on accessory) - Allows you to communicate and stay connnected with your Robomow from anywhere in the world. Sold as an accessory
  • Faster MowingWith its wide cutting blade width, Robomow cuts the lawn quickly and gives you more free time on your lawn.
  • Floating Deckgives you that smooth cut by following the lawn's contour.
  • Powerful Mowing SystemRobomow is equipped with powerful mowing motors that allow him to handle any terrain and grass type
  • Eco ModeUse ECO (Economic) option to operate Robomow with the minimum energy needed for cutting the grass and maintaining the lawn.
  • Low NoiseAlthough Robomow is very powerful, it is also very quiet and allows to enjoy your lawn even when Robomow is mowing.
  • Base StationRobomow is charged at the Base Station and stays there between operations. Robomow independently departs from the Base Station, cuts the lawn and returns for charging until the next operation.
  • One Time Setup
  • Remote Control - control scheduling/settings, or even manually drive the mower via iOS/Android mobile app
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

What's in the Robomow 630 box:

1x Robomow RS630
1x Base Station & Spikes
1x 50 Ft. Extension Cable
1x Power Box w/ Mounting Kit
1200 Ft. of Perimeter Wire
450 Pegs
2 Wire Connectors
1 Plot Connector
1 User Manual
1 Robo Ruler
1 Narrow Pass Template

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