Insteon 2477SA2 240V 30A Load Controller, Normally Closed Relay

Insteon 2477SA2 240V 30A Load Controller, Normally Closed Relay

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The INSTEON 220V / 240V 30 AMP Load Controller Normally Closed Relay (Dual-Band) lets you efficiently control the use of heavy duty appliances and take a step towards saving energy and cutting down on utility costs.

With the ability to control 240V appliances, you can keep an eye on some of the larger energy consumers in your home. If you're headed away on a weeks-long vacation, why bother running the water heater? Save money and energy by programing an INSTEON controller to automatically disable the water heater whenever a vacation scene is run.

Tired of the ancient analogue timer that runs your pool system? Replace it with a 240V controller and have the INSTEON Hub or other controller keep things on a schedule. Do some research with your utility company and you can even program your pool system to clean when the electric rates are at their lowest.

At the end of a stressful day at work, how nice would it be if your spa or sauna could be prepped and ready for you the moment you walk through the door? High current applications like pool pumps and electric heaters can be controlled, letting you treat your luxury home amenities just like your INSTEON-controlled lights.

Controlling loads up to 30 Amps, it allows you to use other INSTEON devices to remotely control appliances that run on higher voltage and in a normally closed state. A local 'Set' button lets you toggle the attached load on and off. The relay comes with pre-configured wires and mounting hardware. There is no need to open the box for installation, simply identify the labeled wires and connect one set to your breaker panel and the other set to the high current appliance.

This switch also features INSTEON Dual-Band technology, which sends and receives INSTEON powerline and wireless radio frequency (RF) signals. This allows the module to function as a phase bridge for superior signal reliability and as an access point for INSTEON RF and battery powered devices.

The INSTEON 220V / 240V 30 AMP Load Controller is also available as a Normally Open Relay.


• Allows remote On/Off control of 220V / 240V, 60Hz devices from other INSTEON controllers
• Economically priced solution for controlling heavy-duty 30 AMP appliances
• For use in Normally Closed (N.C. Applications)
• Uses INSTEON Dual-band technology (neutral wire not required)

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