Insteon 2635-222 Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module

Insteon 2635-222 Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module

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Control non-dimming lamps and appliances. If you want to remotely control and schedule devices like non-dimming lamps (including most compact fluorescent and LED), desk fans, space heaters and even lava lamps, the Insteon plug-in On/Off Module is for you. The On/Off Module sits between your device and a wall outlet, acting as a remote control switch for anything connected. And when used with the INSTEON Hub, you can remotely control the On/Off Module from your smartphone or tablet and even schedule it for sunrise, sunset or anywhere in between. Integrated relay lets you remotely control up to 15A appliances or 1800W of lighting



  • Easy to Install - Plug-in simple. Nothing makes home control more approachable than plug-in modules and the INSTEON On/Off Module is no exception. Installation is as straightforward as connecting your light or small appliance to the outlet on the bottom of the On/Off Module and connecting the On/Off Module to a power outlet. No wires or tools needed.
  • Easy to Control - Remote, schedule, or smartphone: you choose. With the INSTEON On/Off Module, plugging it in is as hard as it gets. You can remotely control On/Off Module however you'd like; something as simple as a mini remote on your nightstand, scheduled using the INSTEON Hub or from anywhere in the world with your Smartphone.
  • Local Control Too - Sometimes you just need a button. It's not always the most convenient to reach for your smartphone just to turn something on or off. That's why On/Off Module includes dedicated on and off buttons. Just tap and you can control your device, even when your smartphone or other INSTEON remote is nowhere to be found.
  • Dual-Band - Robust powerline and wireless signaling. For the best relability and placement flexability, On/Off Module now features patented INSTEON Dual-Band technology. Out-of-the-way corners or hidden outlets in the attic, no matter where you place On/Off Module, you can be assured that it will turn on and off remotely without issue. And since every Dual-Band INSTEON device also functions as a range extender, On/Off Module extends your network in more ways than one.




Insteon On/Off Module

Make your lamps and appliances work for you with voice control, smartphone remote control, schedules and more.


Remote Control: How You Like It





Control with Your Voice

Use your voice to turn your desk fan on and off without lifting a finger with Amazon Alexa. It's a great party trick and surprisingly convenient. Requires Insteon Hub.

Control with Your Smartphone

Add Insteon Hub to setup, configure and control your Insteon On/Off Module whether you're home or away. You'll never wonder if you've left the flat iron on again.

Control with Schedules

Pick a time or use sunrise and sunset to automatically turn your Insteon On/Off Module on or off. Keep would-be burglars at bay and make it look like someone is home or simply turn off those always-left-on lights throughout your house. Requires Insteon Hub.

Control from Other Insteon Devices

Link the On/Off Module to other Insteon devices like a Motion Sensor to automatically turn lights on and off with motion or Insteon Mini Remotes for quick and easy control without a smartphone.


Insteon Connects: Integrate with these Home Control Accessories




Insteon + Amazon Echo

Use your voice to control Insteon lights, appliances, scenes, and more with Amazon Alexa. Requires Insteon Hub.

Insteon + Logitech Harmony

Integrate your Insteon lights and appliances into Logitech Harmony activities and control your lights from your Harmony Home remote control. Requires Insteon Hub.

Insteon + Google Assistant

Insteon works with the Google Assistant on voice-activated speakers, eligible Android phones, TVs, and more. Requires Insteon Hub.


As Easy as Plugging in a Lamp


Connects to Your existing Lamps or Appliances

Unplug your lamp or appliance and connect its power cord to the bottom of On/Off Module. Plug On/Off Module into the power outlet and you're done.

Explore Your Control Options

With Insteon Hub, launch the Insteon app and enjoy remote control from your smartphone or use the Insteon app to configure control from other Insteon devices in your home.

Insteon On/Off Module Box Contents

  • Insteon On/Off Module.
  • Quick Start Guide.
 Insteon Dimmer ModuleInsteon On/Off ModuleInsteon Outdoor On/Off Module
Use With Dimmable bulbs / lamps Lamps and plug-in appliances like flat irons, curling irons, coffee makers, water kettles, desk fans, space heaters, lava lamps and freezers Outdoor plug-in appliances like string lights, water fountains, landscape lighting, plug-in accent lighting and holiday decorations
Maximum Load Up to 300W Up to 1800W Up to 1800W
Plug Type 2-Prong Ungrounded Plug (NEMA 1-15) 3-Prong Grounded Plug (NEMA 5-15) 3-Prong Grounded Plug (NEMA 5-15)
Location Indoor-only Indoor-only Indoor or outdoor NEMA 3R tested for rain and ice


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