Insteon 2982-222 Smoke Bridge

Insteon 2982-222 Smoke Bridge

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Never again leave home without knowing that your possessions and loved ones are safe. The INSTEON Smoke Bridge monitors First Alert® ONELINK® smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, allowing you to create email and text message alerts that can be sent to you no matter where you are.

Monitor the state of your home and be alerted to smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. When paired with an INSTEON Hub, the Smoke Bridge can send alerts to your smartphone via text or email informing you that something is wrong and giving you the knowledge to act to save your home and family from potential disaster.

• Works with First Alert ONELINK smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
• Enables alerts via text message and email when paired with the INSTEON Hub, ISY994i Controller, HouseLinc software, or other compatible central controller
• Only one Smoke Bridge needed to for an entire house of ONELINK Smoke Detectors
• Receive specific notification in case of smoke, carbon monoxide, low battery, all clear, or error messages with HouseLinc
• Can be linked to lights or other INSTEON devices manually or via software to turn lights on instantly in the event of an alert

How it Works

Insteon Smoke Bridge - First Alert Alarm triggers
The Source

It all starts with a First Alert ONELINK Smoke Detector. If one of these detectors senses smoke, fire or carbon monoxide, they sound an audible alarm and send out an RF signal to other ONELINK Smoke Detectors.
Insteon Smoke Bridge - First Alert Alarms send RF signal
Sound the Alarm

The signal propagates throughout your home and activates every First Alert ONELINK Smoke Detector. Before long, every alarm is sounding. But what happens if you're not at home?
Insteon Smoke Bridge detects signal and sends alert

The More You Know

The INSTEON Smoke Bridge detects the First Alert ONELINK RF signal and sets into action. Communicating with the INSTEON Hub or any other alert-ready INSTEON central controller, the alarm is sent out as an alert to your smartphone. Simultaneously, Smoke Bridge turns on any linked lights as an additional precaution, making escape at night even safer.




Product Name: INSTEON Smoke Bridge
Brand/Manufacturer: INSTEON
Manufacturer Product No.: 2982-222
UPC: 813922013450
Warranty: 2 years, limited

INSTEON controller: Yes
INSTEON responder: No
Bridging compatibility: First Alert® Onelink® Responder
Maximum links/scenes: 400
Control groups/commands: Smoke Sensed
Carbon Monoxide Sensed
Low Battery
Sensor Malfunction
All Clear
Setup LED: Blinks red or green during setup
Local control None
Commands supported as responder: Beep Status
Software configurable: Yes
First Alert ONELINK RF Range: Up to 50 feet of a First Alert ONELINK smoke detector
INSTEON device category: 0x10
INSTEON device subcategory 0x0A

Mounting: Plug-in to polarized Type A socket
Enclosure color INSTEON White
Set button: 1 on right side of case
Enclosure: ABS, UV stabilized, gloss finish
Beeper: Yes
Beep on button press: Yes
Dimensions: 3.2" H x 2.05" W x 1.05" D
Weight: 2.4 oz (0.15 lbs)
Operating environment: Indoors
Operating temperature range: 32° to 104°F
Operating humidity range: 0-85% relative humidity
Storage temperature range: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)

Voltage: 120VAC ± 10%
Electrical Frequency: 60 Hz
Retain all settings without power: Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
Standby power consumption: 0.8 Watts
Safety approved: Conforms to ANSI/UL Std. 508-2008
Certified to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2#14-2008
IC: #5202A-2457D2A

Smoke Bridge Quick Start Guide Manual

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