Universal Devices ISY 994iZW/IR Pro (Z-Wave/INSTEON Controller w/ IR)

Universal Devices ISY 994iZW/IR Pro (Z-Wave/INSTEON Controller w/ IR)

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The ISY994i series offers the most flexible and affordable standalone home automation control and energy management products for your home automation installation.  The ISY 994i ZW/IR Pro model can control and monitor up to 1024 Z-Wave  & INSTEON devices and features IR support for controlling your devices with any standard IR universal remote.  Whether you are a DIYer, an electrician, or a energy conservation consultant, you will enjoy how quickly and easily devices can be programmed through the ISY. ISY’s flexible and robust programming environment enables you to quickly and easily create complex triggers, schedules or any combination thereof by simple point/click of your mouse. Remotely access, monitor, configure, and control all your devices with no monthly fees.

  • Plug & Play (UPnP)
  • Quick & Simple installation and configuration
  • No software installation necessary
  • No need for a dedicated computer
  • Optional software add-on modules available to add support for additional features for network, weather, irrigation, ELK security & more. 

** Please Note: ISY994i requires an INSTEON serial PLM (INSTEON part #2413S) for communication with your Insteon devices.  The ISY 994i ZW/IR Pro is available separately, or bundled as a kit with the PLM (see drop-down menu above)

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ISY994i ZW/IR Pro Features:

Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world and on any platform

  • Monitor, control, and configure your system remotely
  • Secure Web Server with certificate management (up to 2048 bits)
  • Automatically create port forwarding rules on your UPnP enabled router
  • Browser-based Java Applet or Java Web Start Application
  • Support for Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • Android/iPhone apps available from 3rd party vendors

Device Management

  • For easy monitoring, control and management devices can be linked to the ISY using their INSTEON address or by pressing their SET buttons. Once linked to the ISY, devices can be monitored, controlled and managed through the ISY’s built-in web server and Java-based Administrative Console
  • 3rd party products are available to monitor and control your home from your iPhone, PC, Nokia touch panel, and more!
  • If you already have devices installed and programmed, the ISY can crawl your existing INSTEON network to automatically link discovered devices
  • Replace Device: seamlessly replace a defective device with a new one
  • Replace Modem: seamlessly replace a defective modem (PLM) with a new one
  • Restore Devices: simply restore your device to its correct settings if it is factory reset or has somehow lost its programming
  • Create folders/sub-folders to help organize your devices and scenes
  • Support for majority of INSTEON products

Scene Management

  • Supports up to 1024 devices/scenes (PRO models)
  • Use simple drag/drop to easily create scenes containing multiple devices
  • Create controller/responder relationships between all devices within the scene
  • Easily change scene attributes for each and every one of the devices within the scene
  • Once programmed, scenes operate completely independent of the ISY for the quickest response time and most reliable operation

Programs, Schedules, and Variables

  • Programs are easily created by simple mouse point and click
  • Create complex schedules using precise time, from/to, days, sunrise/sunset times, offsets, etc.
  • Create complex triggers based on the combination of schedules, any event (e.g. key press), and many other triggers
  • Use Variables to control the flow of programs
  • Complete support for Wait and Repeat constructs including Random values
  • Custom and user defined email and SMS Notifications to custom user groups

IR Control (IR Models Only)

  • Control all your INSTEON/X10 devices with any infrared universal remote (RC5-compatible)
  • Control other network-enabled devices using our optional Network Module (RS-232 devices can be controlled using an ELK IP232 or Global Cache GC-100 and more)
  • Non IR models can be field upgraded to IR platform

X10 Support

  • Built-in X10 support includes the use of programs to control your X10 devices using IR, schedules, or events from other INSTEON/X10 devices
  • Optional X10/A10 add-on module features enhanced X10 capabilities, including support for X10 devices in the device tree

Realtime clock on board

  • Supports Daylight Saving
  • Supports automatic sync with internet time sources (NTP)
  • Automatic calculation of Sunrise/Sunset times based on location

Field Upgradeable/Auto Upgrade

  • Many new features added regularly via firmware updates
  • Admin Console automatically notifies you of official firmware updates
  • Expansion slot for addition of Z-Wave or ZigBee capability


Option Add-On Modules Available (May be purchased/installed through device menu):

  • Network Module: Host your own personal web site or 3rd party applications right on your ISY, control network-enabled devices through ISY programs (TCP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS), turn on PCs using Wake On LAN 
  • Climate Module: Utilize local WeatherBug information in your ISY programs 
  • Electricity Module: Monitor your home's real-time electricity use with a Brultech meter 
  • X10 Module: Enhanced X10 support including integration of X10 devices into the device tree 
  • Irrigation Module: Let ISY calculate how much water is necessary for your plants based on Evapotranspiration (requires Climate Module) 
  • ELK Security Module: Seamlessly use ELK security system events in your ISY programs 



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