About Us - Company Background


Thank you for visiting PhotonLight.com. Since we first began offering the original Photon Micro-Light online in 1995, during the dawn of The Internet, our intention has always been to provide the most complete selection of Photon products and accessories, while offering the highest level of service & support for our customers.

From the beginning, we have worked very closely with LRI, manufacturer of the Photon Micro-Light products, to represent the brand online. In 1995 the original squeeze-only Photon Micro-Light, featuring the absolute latest in LED technology, was available in just two brilliant beam colors - red or yellow. Fortunately for all of us, LED technology has grown by leaps and bounds since those early days, and thanks to LRI's continued innovation we are now able to bring you an entire family of Photon LED flashlights featuring up to eleven different LED beam colors. Today, Photon Micro-Lights are among the most popular brand of keychain flashlights in the world with millions of people carrying them every day.

Over the years, PhotonLight.com has expanded our business to offer additional premium brands, including Leatherman, SOG, Nitecore & Insteon.  Despite the success, we are still dedicated to providing the best customer service possible and will continue bringing you the "coolest gear" (as a number of you have described our business) over the years to come.

Best regards,

Bryan Avery
PhotonLight.com, Inc.